I’m a visual artist, writer, and acupuncturist. My hands and my senses are equal partners in the creations and acts of care and holding I contribute. In both my writing and my artwork I am investigating a process of dissolving edges, in a quest to discover authentic experience and expression. Creative practice is just as important to me as creative product. I am naturally drawn to the raw, the exposed, the lyric, and the palimpsest—as both concept and design tools.

In my art work I keep returning to sound, capturing sound on paper, translating language into color and form, texture and grit. I’m investigating storytelling, reception, and emotional response as they are held in space and time and seeking a way to code the etheric sensitivity of feelings into gesture, line, and color. My audio and podcast drawings are readings of poems, music, and conversations. But, also, they are a palimpsest of the experience of listening. The when, how, where, what mindset, and who we are when we are receiving information via sound, and when we are receiving words in another’s intended design. How do we digest it? What comes of it?

In my gesture series (including the small abstracts) I am investigating the given, choice making, and happenstance. How the life we lead is a myriad of encounters, acts of volition, and unforeseen instances. The creative process of conscientious making and the meditation on that concept of design and reaction go directly into these drawings and paintings—a swipe of happenstance, and a considered building of layers with mixed materials—in an effort to trace, emphasize, redact, and transform the given into something captivating, alluring, lasting, and ineffable.

I use mixed materials on paper and canvas, fabrics and fibers, ink, acrylic, oils, watercolor, and pencil. My work ranges from abstract to figurative to portraiture. I have training in printmaking, bookbinding, filmmaking, and letterpress, and worked for many years as a studio assistant. My work with bodies, as an acupuncturist, in many ways reflects my work as an artist. 



Liz Asch • artistlizasch@gmail.com • Portland, OR